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Addnet Solutions is Incorporated in the year 2010, and it is one of the famous names in the market. The ownership type of our company is a sole proprietorship. The head office of our business is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We are providing Networking Services, Fire Alarm System, Biometric System, Access Control System, Public Address Systems, Audio & Video Systems, and many others. Also, stringent quality checks are been carried out by us over the entire range. The company started by people who have many years’ experience in the networking industry, a company in Chennai. Leading corporate like RR Donnelly Data Base India Ltd, GRO Global Services, Ashok Leyland Ltd, Sun TV Network, Maersk India Private Limited,, IP Rings India Private Limited, etc., in the client list.

Public Address Systems

An electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public.

Voice Cabling

The connection between your end device such as your PC, telephone, printer or fax to the world of technology allowing it to be used in your business.

Fiber Cabling

Expansion of fiber networks directly to homes for improved internet speeds and reliability. transmit and receive optical signals, converting them to electrical signals for networking equipment.

Our Products


We Provide high quality Surveillance & Security System Products to provide you the best security services for various applications to Various Kind of Clients that include Commercial Spaces, Banks, libraries, institutions, hotels, restaurants.


Furthermore, businesses want to thrive, not just survive, and the voice and data networks in the business need to be scalable and flexible enough to support future growth. 

Public Addressable

A Public Addressable System (PA System) is a communication system that is used to broadcast audio announcements or messages to a specific area or a large public space.

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a critical component of building safety that detects and alerts occupants of a fire or potential fire in order to facilitate timely evacuation and summon firefighting personnel. These systems are designed.

Access Control System

An Access Control System is a security technology that restricts and manages entry or access to physical spaces, facilities, or resources.

Optical Fiber Cabling​

We have many years’ experience in the supply, design, installation, termination and testing of all types of fibre optic cables



UTP Structured Cabling

Optical Fiber Cabling

Fire Alarm System


Access Control System


Addnet Solutions performs maximum in-house installation work, with the majority of installations performed by our contractors who are experienced in the field of Fire and Security Systems.



Electrical Work

Our Clients

Our Partners


Choosing the right, cabling solution for your needs can be a daunting task in these times of ever changing technology. ADDNET SOLUTIONS provide a cabling consultancy service to help you to choose the right solution for your business needs. We are specialists in the installation and implementationof Category 5e, 6, 6a, 7 and 7A Structured Cabling Systems

Fiber cabling

We have many years’ experience in the supply, design, installation, termination and testing of all types of fibre optic cables.
Single mode or Multimode Fibre, using ST, SC, FC or LC connectors, you can be assured that ADDNET SOLUTIONS in house qualified installers are equipped with the latest knowledge and equipment to carry out the work to the highest standard. We have high performance splicing and testing equipment for multi-mode and single mode fibre to ensure consistent quality of our installations

Voice cabling

We have vast experience in the installation, termination and testing of Single pair to Multi pairs, and our engineers are trained in Gun Wrapping as well as terminationonto IDC Strips. All of our work is labelled and tested to the relevant standardsand documentary evidence.